We-come Inn

I have a horror story I want to write, once I catch up with my other writings. It’s a script, right now, called “We-come” and is set in the desert at an abandoned motel. An alien’s crash-landed and is using the few humans it can find as both energy to send out a distress signal to its own kind…and as food. It’s very dark and yet comical.

What’s fun is, the only people who wind up fighting it are some skater kids who stop at the motel to use the long-empty bean-shaped pool…something the alien also uses as a relay. It goes after them and they figure out how to stop it.

Not sure what I’d do with it, yet, or how far I’d go…but I’m already contemplating using the idea that the human pheromones created in the brain during orgasmĀ are a source of power for the alien…like the Energizer Bunny…so it forces its victims to become sexually aroused in order to heighten the juice, so to speak. Effectively, it’s fastening them to a wall and using their fear and ejaculations to power up its batteries…thus raping them…

…then tearing off limbs to feed upon…

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