Uploaded and checked…

The paperback version of Hunter is now uploaded to Ingram Spark. I’ve seen the PDF proof and have ordered a physical copy. Should have it in about 10 days, so unless it’s really crappy, I’m on schedule to make the November 6th launch.

It’s told in 4 books — each one available through Smashwords, or soon will be, for $.99 each. The paperback will be $14.95 and worth the money; it’s going to have an extra bit included, at the end, showing what happened between books 1 and 2.

Book One — When I go hunting

Book Two — …This is my prey.

Book Three — Each one I capture

Book Four — …He’s all yours…for pay.

Book Three is available from this coming Friday, Book Four beginning on October 30th.

This book is very MM and raw, with lots of non-con, sexual slavery, kidnapping, brutality, bondage (though not really BDSM) and a strong critique of racism, capitalism and our supposed system of justice mixed in.

I may even do a coloring book for it…maybe…if I get enough interest…

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