“The Nothing Air”

Not a very evocative title, but the novella is up over 21,000 words and threatening to become a short novel. Changes happening, but I’m pleased with it all…and I’ve changed Jamie to Finn and Paul to Rob. I now plan to publish this and have to be careful about copyright infringement. I’ve also added some new guys…

I’m using him as the image for Stu, the first guy this happened to…that they know of. He lives in the North of Scotland and is pretty messed up by it, but he connects with Finn and things begin to look good.
Werner, a cop in Berlin who’s been assaulted in the same fashion as Finn, and who is pissed as hell about it and ready to destroy the person who did it to him…which may not be possible.

I almost wrote myself into a corner, but Finn’s a resourceful little bugger and worked his way out. He’s now at a point where he knows what’s happening but has no way to prevent it because the man behind it is beyond reach.

That’s another aspect that needs Finn to be especially clever about…

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