The Missing…

An idea for a graphic novel that would be very graphic…

  1. Guy wearing jacket w/Confederate flag shopping with girlfriend.
  2. Girlfriend goes to bathroom, passes poster of man who is missing.
  3. Guy checks out poster of man who is missing.
  4. Guy kidnapped by 2 men. Fights.
  5. Guy dragged into nearby minivan, driver waiting.
  6. Drive away as guy struggles.
  7. Bound and gagged.
  8. Blindfolded.
  9. Guy half-stripped.
  10. Guy exposed and fondled.
  11. Guy raped by one of men.
  12. Guy carried into garage behind house.
  13. Rest of guy’s clothes torn off.
  14. Guy raped by other man.
  15. Guy tortured and raped by driver.
  16. Guy forced to suck off first man.
  17. Guy forced to suck off second man.
  18. Guy covered in cum and lying on floor as naked driver holds shovel.
  19. Looks like they’re about to strangle him with rope.
  20. Guy gets free and runs away. It’s night.
  21. Guy sneaks through suburbia.
  22. Guy finds box of old clothes at donation hamper.
  23. Guy dresses.
  24. Guy finds police station.
  25. Guy tells cops what happened.
  26. Points out board with missing guys on it.
  27. Sees one of rapists in photo, showing the man is friends with cops.
  28. Cops kick guy out of police station.
  29. Guy walks away, bereft, as minivan approaches him, from behind.
  30. Minivan drives away on now-empty street; posters on telephone pole of missing men.

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