Reading and sketching…

I’ve been trying to read other M/M authors’ work to get an idea of what’s sellable in the gay community…and they are such crap I can’t finish them. Even when the storyline is interesting, the writing is so stiff or arch or at such a high-school level when it comes to characterization and situation, I get angry I’ve wasted my time and money.

Of course, that might be my problem. I write books that are rough and tumble and have real people in them in situations that are not always nice, proper, correct, decent. In The Vanishing of Owen Taylor, my MC, Jake, accuses a teenage boy who just lost his last surviving relative of having helped kill the guy, blurting this out before knowing it for certain, nearly crushing the kid. What’s positive about that hateful moment is, once Jake realizes his error, he makes the kid part of his pack and protects him like he would his own child…to the extent of hiding the boy’s participation in another death.

And Curt, the ex-con MC in How To Rape a Straight Guy, helps kidnap and brutalize an undercover cop, nearly destroying the man’s emotional stability…but saves the man’s life even though it means he’ll return to prison. And Devlin, the MC of Underground Guy, nearly gets himself killed trying to protect a British cop he raped. And Eric, the MC of Bobby Carapisi, brings on the suicide of another man by refusing to let go of how he was raped and the cops did nothing about it, not realizing what he’s done until it’s too late, so spends the rest of the book making up for it.

Maybe I should write books like Nicholas Sparks, albeit M/M instead of bland BS, all sweet and goupy with someone dying at the end to bring about a “life-lesson.” Or fake SM in a M/M vein, like those indescribable Gray’s books.

Or fuck it — I write what I fucking want to write and that is all there is to it.

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