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Alec, the man who’s gay-bashed, has set his plan of revenge into motion. First he nick-names the guys who attacked him Mafia, Soccer, Quarterback, and Surfer. Then he rapes Mafia during a house party but convinces Mafia it was Soccer who did it. Now Mafia and Alec are planning to grab Soccer as he showers and rape him.


Mafia lets Alec in via, at the back door and leads him up the back stairs.

ALEC: Where is everybody?

MAFIA: Shh. Playin’ pool. Library. Shit like that. Couple of the Soph’s are in their rooms. Exams.

He motions down the hall leading to Surfer’s room. 

MAFIA: It’s all set. I spiked the first two bottles, just to be safe.

ALEC: Be sure and throw ’em out when you’re done.

Mafia nods as they slip down the hall to his room.


Alec and Mafia wait. Wondering. Worrying.

MAFIA: What if he doesn’t drink enough?

ALEC: I’ll stay in here. You go in first, to see. And if he hasn’t, just tell him some chick called for him but said she’d call back. No big deal. Then we’ll wait for him to go to sleep…like he did to me.

Mafia nods and focuses on a spec of dust floating in the light about twelve inches in front of him. Fingers twitching. Fists clenching then opening and rubbing each other. Nostrils flaring. Jaw clenching. Muscles flexing. Breath deep and harsh. Nervous.

Alec is totally calm.

They hear Soccer’s Beemer squeal to a halt. Both of them jolt to readiness as he blasts inside in his usual hurricane-like fashion, clumps up the stairs and lumbers into his room.

ALEC: How long does it take?

MAFIA: Few Minutes.

The shower starts up.

Mafia rises. Slips over to the bathroom door. Alec follows and watches as he opens the door and looks inside.

Soccer is crouched down in the shower, holding his head, water dancing over his back. He half falls to a kneeling position.

Mafia cannot move. Alec pushes past him.

ALEC: Come on.

He grabs Soccer under the arms.

SOCCER: What th’ fuck?

ALEC: Yeah, what the actual fuck. (to Mafia) You gonna help?

Mafia helps Alec carry Soccer to his bed and toss him on it, face down.

MAFIA: Dude, why’d you do it? Why the fuck did you — ?

Soccer rolls about, trying to get up but unable to control his actions. He maneuvers himself to the head of the bed. Mafia seemed unable to move.

ALEC: You want some help getting started?

Mafia shakes his head and yanks off his shirt. Alec pulls his jacket off. Then Mafia grabs Soccer by the ankles and twists him back onto his stomach.

SOCCER: What — what’s this –?

MAFIA: Payback, motherfucker…

He yanks his shorts down and kneels between Soccer’s legs.

ALEC: Be easier if you used some Vaseline or baby oil.

Mafia jerks a nod and goes to the bathroom.

Alec climbs onto the bed and holds Soccer’s head. Runs his hand down the guy’s back. He sort of tries to push him away but has no strength.

SOCCER: No — don’t wanna — not me.

ALEC: Liar. I saw your dick; it’s getting hard.

Mafia returns with some baby oil.

MAFIA: Like this?

Alec: Makes it easy for both of us. I’ll help you.

Alec straddles Soccer and pulls his ass cheeks open.

Soccer struggles. Whimpers. Tries to roll away. But Mafia and Alec too tight a grip on him, and Mafia lays on top of him…and pushes all the way in…and pumps away.

SOCCER: No…don’t…no…

Mafia keeps at it. Hard.

Soccer grunts in pain.

Alec keeps Soccer from looking around, fights the animal within as he watches Mafia go. He’s like a tiger wanting to pounce.


A window on Alec’s laptop’s screen shows an overhead shot of half-naked Mafia fucking completely naked Soccer…then letting loose inside him…then rolling off him.

Alec works at the laptop, a feral look on his face as he glances at the window.

On the screen window, Alec has Soccer’s face in his crotch…as if he’s forcing himself into Soccer’s mouth.

In the house, we see Alec is finishing up a website titled My Porno Manifesto — Frat-Night proves that no man is straight.

On the screen window, Alec rises from the bed, tucking himself away. Soccer lies on the bed, unmoving. Mafia sits on the floor, exhausted and shaken.

Alec squats before Mafia. Gives him a deep, long kiss.

In the house, Alec’s chuckle is almost like a growl.

ALEC: Welcome to the club. Now you’re a man.

On the screen, Alec grabs his jacket and leaves the room.

Alec’s laugh grows almost maniacal.

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