It’s finally arriving…

After a lot of work and focus of the maniacal sort, with the story leading me places I did NOT want to go, The Beast in the Nothing Room is about to be completed. I’m working on formatting the ebook, first, which will be available through; then comes a paperback version.

I’m thinking of working up a special illustrated edition in hardcover, just for the hell of it. Quick pen & ink drawings of certain events in the book, nothing truly hardcore…maybe…but still not decided. Make it a limited run — about a hundred copies only, signed and numbered.

I’m still freaked over some of the things I put into it, but I know better than to take them out or try to minimize them. I’ve already been told I’m overreacting, a bit…so maybe it’s not as dark as I think. Maybe I’m just too sheltered. But so far it’s got incest, sadism, bondage, rape, kidnapping, water sports, domination, torture, rip-n-strip, straight-to-gay and murder.

Just a light summer read…

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