I’m having fun…

I’m writing some ditties and posting them on my tumblr and bdsmlr threads. Here are a few…


Hi, we’ve come to show you

Just how much we want to know you

So first each of us will blow you

But don’t worry — not forgo you.

Because during all our chatter

It was just your ass we’d flatter

Now that’s what our dicks will batter.

Since what you want don’t matter.


“A moral Story…”

My younger bully forced me to use my savings to put in a pool. I was not allowed In the backyard all summer. My wife and daughter both said they enjoyed their time with him though.

By the end of the summer, my wife and daughter were both pregnant.  My wife stopped letting me have sex with her right around the time the pool was done so I knew he was responsible in both cases.  I tried to talk them both into getting abortions but they were both adamant about keeping the babies.  Once he found out they were pregnant, he started acting even more cocky and arrogant toward me.  One day he even said, in front of both my wife and daughter “You might want to think about getting a second job…it’s going to be expensive raising my kids.”

What he didn’t know was I had already been looking around for a job in exports, and a friend of a friend told me exactly who to contact to handle this situation. He had access to a network that provided men for men…and this little shit would bring in a pretty penny. Enough to take care of me, my wife, my daughter and his kids for eighteen years.

So I set it up. When both my wife and daughter went into labor a day apart, he took up residence by the pool and arrogantly told me, “Let me know when I’m a dad.” Instead, I sent a text to a burner phone and headed for the hospital.

Suddenly there were two new boys in the world, neither of which looked like me. When the little shit didn’t show up to see his kids, wife and daughter were upset. When they got home and found he’d cleared out, they got angry…and scared I’d turn on them, now.

I let them worry…even after I got a text from a burner phone with a link to a one-time viewing of a video that showed where that little shit wound up — being fucked daily by an Arab sheikh. He didn’t like it; I did.

Wife and daughter were a lot nicer to me after that, but I’d found I liked not just the idea of fucking men, but actually fucking them. So I got myself a fuck-buddy, left the bitches, alone and set about raising those two boys to be the best they could be, not because it was the right thing to do, but because when they hit eighteen, I’m selling their asses, as well.

That’ll pay for my retirement.

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