I am just so done with this book…

In just about every way you can imagine. I’m finalizing the coda I added to the paperback edition, and it’s proving to be difficult to settle in. It makes the book 306 pages (290 of story text) and 129,000+ words. It’s twice as long as I intended, but I like how it’s turned out. Lots of sex, some drugs, international intrigue, critiques of our so-called system of justice and of capitalism run amok…my usual things.

So far, two of the books are available in e-format via Smashwords, with a 3rd to come out on October 16th (available for preorder, right now) and the last to be on the 30th (available for preorder on the 16th). Then the paperback arrives on November 6th. Links below.

HUNTER Book 1Book 2Book 3

I got a lot out of my system with this book. My next one is going to be kinder and gentler…I think…I hope…

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