Hunter is set for sale…

I’ve posted all 4 books of Hunter on Smashwords, for $.99 each, and have a complete version that includes The Sheriff’s Boys (no more) in it, for $3.99, that will become available on November 6th.

I’m also awaiting a second proof from Ingram before making the paperback available. The first had cropping issues with the cover. I just want to make sure it was a one-time thing, so I’m still aiming for the 6th of November. Of course, I’m not sure how long Amazon will take to set it up on their site, for sale; that could take another week. Same for Barnes and Noble.

I’ve set up Book One for free on Prolific Works and am seeing if Kindle will allow me to offer the series through them. They’re “reviewing” Book One now. I’m not sure they’ll go with it, considering my past experience with them…being banned, you know. Tends to make you wary…

I’m starting NaNoWriMo, tomorrow, so want to focus on that, from this point. I’m using this to make me rework the last third of A Place of Safety, Derry ’81. It’s shallow and trite, at the moment, and needs a lot of work. Technically, I’m cheating, but the only prize is finishing the work by the 30th so I’m fine with that. It’s all about having a reason to focus harder on it.

After all, I’m just your usual lazy writer.

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