Done, for now…

Hunter is completed and heading into feedback and development with Taboo BooxXx, It will come out as 4 ebooks and then a paperback, according to my contract. I’m not crazy about the length of time it may take to go through the whole process, but I can start onto Dair’s Window, now, and get that moving, again.

Probably cover for paperback

Hunter is 483 typed, double-spaced pages and 108,500 words. My MC does some pretty rotten things in it, but I think the story stands up and is way more than a simple erotic work. That’s not to say there’s no sex in it, or the sex is minimal…it’s pretty intense, at times, especially at the end…but it’s not all there is to the story. It’s also a commentary on Capitalism and isolation and guilt and regret…my usual shit.

Dair’s Window…I’m still not sure what that book is about. Maybe now that I can focus on it, Dair and Adam will lead me to the truth of it. Lead me to its meaning. I went to the Corning Museum of Glass, in Corning NY, to get a better idea of the story’s capabilities. Spent the day there. Laid out $275 on books, a video and such. Enjoyed the hell out of it. And I think I only saw half of what they had available. So…I may make another trip. It’s about 3 hours, each way.

Alexander Rosenberg in “Blown Away”

Oh, and I found out Blown Away 2 has been shot but is not ready for release yet. Here’s a link to Blown Away 1

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