Depraved Ditties

Midnight Hunters

When looking for a man to ream, it’s best to go for the extreme and find one who’s lost in a dream of making some big bad girl scream.

Sneaking in is then our theme, so lips and tongues can make him cream before he wakes. Oh, we’re supreme in setting him up for our team

To use all night, in full esteem of every inch of skin. Our scheme is not leave till the last moonbeam tells us we should end our regime.

I’m thinking of doing a book out of my depraved ditties currently posted on Tumblr and BDSMlr, substituting line drawings for the photos they’re currently part of. Here’s another I’ve done…

Caught in Deer Park

Why such a surprise at seein’ us guys breakin’ in? When one spies the look of your thighs and the lovely butt-rise, it would be unwise not to fantasize. So say your good-byes as we muffle your cries while you may surmise all that this implies when we sodomize, but not brutalize, you till we improvise how to undo our ties so that you cannot rise before we mobilize our escape to the skies.

The sketches need a bit of cleaning up, but I’ve got about 290 of them to do, which would make for a 600 page book, in hardcover on 50lb paper. Cost about $40 but lots in there to play with, if you want to color them in.

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