Changing directions…

Okay…the deal with Taboo BooxXx came apart because they were hit hard by Covid-19, so I’m back to self-publishing. To be honest, I’m not sorry. I’d have had the first stage of the book out and available, by now.

Supposedly I’m getting their notes, but considering how long it took them to get around to informing me of their issues, I’m not waiting. This weekend, I’ll dive back into the book, do another pass on it then start the process for issuing the first section.

My goal is to have the four parts done and the paperback available by Thanksgiving. It’s a dark book…what’s now referred to as Literotica…so I don’t expect huge sales. I’ll pop it onto the same website page as Underground Guy and The Beast in the Nothing Room. We can run from there.

I’m close to a second draft of Dair’s Window, which is a lot more mainstream than most of my books. If I can make it happen, I’ll have this out before Christmas…but I don’t want to rush it. This second draft is proving to be the one that finally solidifies the characters so I can go back through and mix and match the structure, better. It’s on the complicated side.

I’ve also started up a new Facebook page just for my books — — because Facebook decided this GIF was porn so slammed me into jail on my main FB page.

You see more on a fucking beach, let alone in postings of naked asses all over Facebook. But I know I’ve got people out to snap at me for my politics, so they may have something to do with it. Not that I’m being paranoid…

But if they are doing this — fuck ’em.

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