Almost done.

Okay, here’s the cover of the paperback for Hunter, with crop area and some bleed. I’m submitting today along with the text, and if all goes well, the book will be available on November 6th. It’s 127,668 words and 306 pages long, 289 of which are text…the rest is just bullshit stuff you need to make it look professional. Format is 6×9″ and the price will be $14.95.

It’s taking that long to give me time to get a printed proof. I learned the hard way sometimes a PDF proof just don’t have the ability to show mistakes or that it’s been set up improperly.

Book One is available in ebook, and Book Two will be available on October 2nd. Books Three and Dour will be available on October 16th and 30th, respectively. All four books and a bonus section will be in the paperback.

I never intended this book to be this long…but when the story takes over and the characters are willing to lead you through it, you’d be a fool not to jump in. I just hope people have as much fun reading it as I had writing it.

Ya never know until ya know, ya know…

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