Does this sound like a fun graphic novel to read if I make it detailed?

Mike’s Mistake:

  1. Mike’s at football practice, perfect quarterback, gorgeous team
  2. Mike and buddies shower, all goofy, naked, gorgeous
  3. Mike and team dress, all stages of naked and semi-clothed, gorgeous
  4. Mike goes to dorm, dressed in loose shorts and sleeveless t-shirt
  5. Mike enters room, greets roomie, gorgeous guy studying
  6. Mike checks baggie of pot — empty, roommate sees
  7. Roommate offers Mike a card with name and address — Charlie
  8. Mike head out, thumbs up to roommate
  9. Roommate looks at photo of Mike, smirks
  10. Mike drives to address, way out in countryside
  11. Mike parks, no other cars there
  12. Mike strolls up to the front door
  13. Mike knocks on door
  14. Charlie opens door, big, buff and gorgeous
  15. Mike holds up baggie and some money
  16. Charlie invites Mike in, smirking
  17. Mike enters to find two other guys there, getting dressed
  18. Guys surround Mike
  19. Charlie pulls Mike’s shirt up
  20. Guys help Charlie subdue Mike
    1. Mike’s hands tied behind back
    1. shirt ripped off
    1. shorts pulled down
    1. briefs torn away
    1. carried to bed
  21. Charlie force-kisses Mike
  22. First and Second Guys grope Mike
    1. fondle his dick
    1. grab his ass
    1. run hands over his legs
    1. suck on his nips
    1. suck on his balls
  23. First Guy sucks Mike’s dick as Second Guy fingers Mike’s ass
  24. Mike forced to suck Charlie’s dick
    1. mouth held open
    1. Charlie puts dick in
    1. Charlie cums in Mike’s mouth
  25. Second Guy Sucks on Mike’s dick, gets him hard as a rock
  26. Mike forced to suck on First Guy’s dick
  27. First Guy cums in Mike’s face
  28. Guys hold Mike down as Charlie forces his legs in the air
  29. Charlie fucks Mike
  30. First guy has Mike sitting on him as he fucks him
  31. Second guy bends Mike over back of chair to fuck him
  32. Mike collapsed on floor, drenched in cum, guys standing over him, dicks dripping
  33. Charlie and guys carry Mike to shower
    1. water pours over his gorgeous body
    1. hands wash him with cloth
    1. fingers pinch at his nips
    1. guys fondle his dick
    1. Charlie sucks on his dick
    1. First Guy fondles his balls
    1. Second guy fingers his asshole
    1. Mike cums, explodes, over and over and over…
  34. Guys help Mike dress in fresh clothes, he’s shaken
  35. Charlie gives Mike full baggie of pot
  36. Charlie shows Mike photo of gorgeous tight end teammate
  37. Charlie gives Mike card like roommate gave him
  38. Mike looks at Charlie
  39. Mike and Charlie kiss
  40. Mike leaves, smiling

So…which style would be best?


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